Trade Apothecary Air Freshener
Trade Apothecary Air Freshener
Trade Apothecary Air Freshener
Trade Apothecary Air Freshener
Trade Apothecary

Trade Apothecary Air Freshener

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TRADE is a staple in OKC for their rugged sophistication men’s wear goods; including their homemade line of Trade Apothecary grooming products.

You can use these fresheners ANYWHERE! Originally designed to hang from your rear view mirror, these Roaming Bison have found their way to offices, college dorm rooms, gym bags and, of course, the car. 

Depending on scent as some scent collection, you will get, on average, 45 days of use from your Roaming Bison. Heat helps to disperse the aroma, so you will get more scent in the summer than in the winter. Also, you may become nose blind to the scent, but others will still smell it. Sometimes customers become "nose blind" to the scent. If this occurs and you want to reinvigorate your aroma, we advise you remove the air freshener for 2-3 days, then rehang and once again you'll able to smell your favorite fragrance.


Amber Logger: The most popular scent! Get back to nature with the aromas of oakmoss and amber.

Spiced Pilsner: Spice up your life with the exotic aromas of saffron, cedar and mint.

Pepper Stout: The earthiness of black pepper complements the light citrus scent of bergamot creating a bold signature scent with a whisper of mystery.

Douple IPA: A smooth mix of pipe tobacco and vanilla with just a hint of grapefruit to complete your signature scent.

Fresheners are made to HANG ONLY, however if used in car they WILL MELT IN HIGH SUMMER HEAT! If contact is made with your sun visor or car interior, it will cause damage. 
In peak summer highs we recommend leaving the air freshener in the opened bag to allow the scent to dissipate without risking damage from melting. If freshener melts, no replacement will be made.


Fragrances and shapes will vary in the assortment set and will include string

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