The Trade Apothecary “Smell Good” Box

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The Trade Apothecary “Smelling Good” Box

Keep you body & car smelling good with the Hops & Goats Milk Bar Soap & Bison Air Freshener


Choose from 4 scents:

Amber Logger: The most popular scent! Get back to nature with the aromas of oakmoss and amber.

Spiced Pilsner: Spice up your life with the exotic aromas of saffron, cedar and mint.

Pepper Stout: The earthiness of black pepper complements the light citrus scent of bergamot creating a bold signature scent with a whisper of mystery.

Douple IPA: A smooth mix of pipe tobacco and vanilla with just a hint of grapefruit to complete your signature scent.


*Recycled materials used for packing may differ from photo