Hey! We're Oak City Vintage

Oak City Vintage is a community curated collective showcasing the best local OKC vintage sellers and makers in apparel, accessories and home decor to create a joyful shopping experience for you.  The shop strives to bring a one-of-a-kind shopping experience to OKC so you can feel good (and look good) while supporting local businesses and keeping beautiful goods out of the land fill.
Our goal is to take the headache and time out of hunting for quality vintage by ensuring every piece is wearable right off the hanger.
You will experience a clean, modern and organized store for the best shopping experience.
 ALL walks of life are welcome in the store.  We will provide you as much or as little personal assistance as needed.  We LOVE to talk about the items in our store so if you want to hear, give us a shout!

Get to know the Founder

Hello! I'm Dasha Mishina, the founder of Oak City Vintage.  I grew up in New Jersey and lived in New York City for 12 years.  I don't recall a time I didn't love fashion, going shopping and getting dressed.  My fondest childhood memories include dressing up my barbie dolls (ok who didn't?), spending hours cutting out images from website to "style" outfits in paint (kid you not) and taking time on a Sunday to plan my weekly school outs by theme (one week it was all about capris!).  So it was only natural I turned my passion in a career in Fashion Merchandising.  I received a degree from LIM College in NYC and went on to work as a fashion merchant for Victoria's Secret.  I built my career during their hey-day, learning how to best serve the customer (and what not to do) for 8 years.  I eventually ended up working for the fast fashion company, Rue 21, in Pittsburgh as a Plus Size Buyer.  It was at this point in my life that I started learning about the terrible environmental impact the fashion industry has on the world.  I realized the best way for me to continue my passion, implement all I had learned over the years and without doing harm was to open a vintage store.  So in 2019, I started my very own online store, Redkey Threads.  With a lot lessons along the way and life happenings, I moved with my boyfriend, to his home state, Oklahoma. I was quickly embraced by the OKC community and witnessed the incredible support of small businesses. So another dream was born - A shop that takes a modern approach to selling vintage that makes it easy for customers to shop second-hand while supporting local sellers.  Oak City Vintage is that dream.