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Found: A Curated Collection of Goods.

I believe that found goods are the best kind. I'm in the business of finding items that will resonate with someone and become part of their lasting collection. I want to be part of the story that grandparents tell their grandkids in 50 years - about the item they found in a little vintage shop in Oklahoma. I love life stories and I can't wait for my found goods to be part of someone’s larger tapestry.


About the Owner, Angilla

Angilla grew up in Western Oklahoma where thrift stores didn't exist. She moved to Edmond in 2008 to attend the University of Central Oklahoma and never turned back. She's been hunting for treasures for over 10 years; back when the masses thought thrift stores were dirty and garage sales were only for grandmas. She loves searching through piles of seemingly unwanted goods and transforming them into treasures for someone else to love. When she's not sourcing your next favorite "found good," she's investing in real estate and running a 5 star Airbnb with her husband in Edmond.

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