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The Junk Fairy has been a top selling vintage vendor at Bad Granny’s Bazaar locally since 2011. The Junk Fairy has consistently sold unique vintage from her large collection and many customers travel from out of state to shop. She also has curated the @okiemodsquad Mid Century Mod Fashion Show the last 4 years. The Junk Fairy loves to provide vintage items for musicians, photographers, models celebrity stylists, magazines and the movie industry. She loves finding just the right vintage for your occasions and sending reloved vintage on new adventures!

About the Owner, Debbie
The Junk Fairy or Debbie Ellis was a College fashion student before working in an unrelated Fortune 500 Management role for almost 40 years before returning to Fashion by starting a vintage booth with her 15 year old daughter in 2011. Debbie has a passion and knowledge of fashion history & loves all things vintage and has been a sustainable shopper her whole life- first out of necessity & now for the love of unique items with an interesting history. Her daughter is the successful singer/songwriter Mothica & her husband is retired & helps her with her vintage passion.