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Vintage threads from throughout the past century curated and collected with a passion. Each piece creates an opportunity  for you to express authenticity and individuality in your style and self expression. These threads envision a world where everyone feels empowered to express themselves for who they truly are.


About the Owner

Finding vintage has always been a love of mine. As a young girl my nana would take me antiquing any chance we could, and I have been hooked since ! When I was a young girl I loved finding antique figurines, I had my own glass (porcelain) menagerie of sorts you could say ! Growing into a young woman I found that I never lost my love for the old things...and all the history an item of clothing or antique harbors I find to be more valuable and intriguing than anything one might stumble upon at a modern shopping experience. I’m lucky to be able to do vintage full time, and that is because of you ! Thank you for supporting my passion to hold in my hands as much history as I can in this short little time we have !